Announcement Nominate an image for the front page!


Code Monkey 🐒
And one more deserving of recognition - this was posted by Bart, five years ago (in 2016) - the 3rd photo in the series - titled "Ameln Valley Sunset" - is the one I am nominating.

One more nomination - this older (from 2017) panoramic shot from our Aussie member Bernie Gibson....blew me away.

I agree with both but, for now at least, I've run into a little bit of a road block with featuring them.

When an image is 'featured' it creates a reduced size 'thumbnail' copy of the image to be shown on the front page. The thumbnail is way smaller than the original version because the intent is to display it tiled with other images. What's happening with these big landscape images is that the landscape dimensions are causing the thumbnail to be shown the full width of the page container but the small resolution of the thumbnail image ends up getting stretched and looks horribly pixelated. At the moment, I'm not sure if there is a good solution short of increasing the dimensions of the thumbnail images but that'll result in bigger file sizes and with several of them displayed at once I'm not sure if the increased sizes is the best solution to handle the occasional big landscape image.

I'll add this to my To Do list of things to check out.
after the recent flood of b+w pics I would like to suggest an image with colour and some life.
how about:
Bobby Tingle
My good pal, Ian

@Bobby Tingle If you agree (and are sure Ian does), I'd say go (it's never that easy with personal portraits, I feel).

Thank you both very much. It’s good with me. And with Ian being a performing musician, a podcaster, and good friend. I know he’s always down for photos of him being posted.