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Feb 9, 2013
I've got an NX100 and recently purchased an adapter to use Canon FD mount lenses. I understand with this setup I'll have to use the camera in Aperture priority or Manual mode. However, my understanding is that ..... for example..... in Aperture priority mode the camera auto-adjusts everything based on what I have the Aperture set to. However This lens setup has no electrical contacts, making me think I would need to manually TELL the camera what I have the Aperture set to ON the lens. I cannot find this setting however. Is there some HIDDEN menu option for doing this? There's something I'm missing that isn't in the manual.

I know I can Hold the EV button and spin the jog dial to adjust the exposure.... but I assume when I do that it's adjusting the Shutter speed in relation to the manually set Aperture to get the exposure I'm telling it??



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Nov 12, 2010
The camera doesn't know what aperture you're using, but it knows how much light is hitting the sensor. It also knows how much light will lead to an "optimal" exposure. So, to get that exposure, the camera can change the ISO value and/or or the shutter speed, depending on which mode you're using. Without any exposure compensation, it'll just do whatever its algorithms tell it to do.

If you're applying some amount of exposure compensation in Aperture mode, the camera will just use the same algorithm to calculate the correct combination of shutter speed and ISO value at that new "desired exposure" level.
If you're in full manual mode, you can't apply exposure compensation, and you have to balance shutter speed and ISO to get the exposure you want.

All in all, there's no need to tell the camera what aperture you're using since it's just accepting the amount of incoming light as a given, and adjusts its settings to that.

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