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I currently shoot a Nikon D7100 for events/sports/head shots and a few 35mm film cameras for personal work. I'm located in the Detroit, Michigan area and always carry the Nikon F3/T and Coolpix A with me as working downtown provides a lot to see. I'm considering replcaing the Coolpix A with a X100 at the moment and came to learn more about the X100 series equipment and accessories.


Milwaukee, WI USA
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Hey Joe, welcome from the other side of the little pond (Lake Michigan ;) ).

If you've ever wished your Coolpix A had more tactile controls and a viewfinder, then the X100 is the camera you are looking for. I still shoot my original X100 once in awhile and it is a joy to use. There's nothing wrong with my old X100, but I've got an itch to buy something new and if I can put my nose to the grindstone and come up with a spare $1,000, I may get an X100f.

Feel free to ask any hyperspecific questions regarding Fuji cameras in general or the X100 line in particular. It's a smallish group here, but filled with very helpful folks.

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