Not all make it. View with caution

Disclaimer: These might be a bit much for some of the more sensitive

Two little birds that fell out of the nest and died. So sad to see, but death is a part of life we all face.

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very sad

I had a pot with basil and a mommy bird built her nest there. One of the babies didn't make it either and I had to dispose of the body. Sad.

Never a fun duty.

My wife asked me with a curious look why I would even take such a picture. I responded that there are many beautiful things to take pictures of, that I enjoy as much as the next person. However we tend to want to ignore the other, less glamorous side of life.

Death itself has never bothered me, guess that what I get growing up around two morticians and a homicide detective. Also working a cattle ranch in my teenage years taught me the whole "Circle of Life" thing.

I have faith that life continues on after this life and while I do not relish dying and leaving behind those that I love, it does not scare me.