Not GAS more of a BU-RP


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Mar 27, 2013
Not GAS more of a BU-RP

After the theft of my F660 I’ve been a bit concerned with using the X10 for work related photos – in these circumstances it’s not about photography but simply recording what’s there with the minimum of fuss and bother. After a talk with myself I realised my old 3mp Nikon 3200 served that purpose well enough for the last 10 years, and the thought of damaging a decent camera is a bit inhibiting & tension inducing.

So today I called into the last remaining camera shop in town & bought a used Nikon P60 – 8mp (which equates to how I shot with the F660). Has manual & stone me it also has an EVF (tiny but useful).

I need to check through it more, but first impressions are Image quality isn’t too bad, it easily fits in a pocket, and doesn’t look that desirable. At £29 with a 6 month warranty I won’t lose sleep if it gets damaged or nicked.

BU-RP ~ Buy Used-Rudimentary Purpose

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