Not Single in January


Jan 2, 2011
in that first one, is she saying "Same again Barrie?" ... ?

anyway, here's one from today that didn't make it into the gallery ..

through by _loupe, on Flickr


Old Codgers Group
Few concessions to the weather

Had Chris our village postman made some more concessions to the cold, damp weather he may well have made it into the SIJ. I thought he'd have his shorts on rather than long trousers, he'll wear them with a frost on the ground, but I was hoping for a colourful waterproof top, but no such luck. Sorry Chris, has to be the Not SIJ, but only just. I spoke to him from my shooting position before he got out of the van, hence the smile and knowledge of my presence.

Panasonic G1, Voigtlander 12mm f/5.6 Ultra Wide-Heliar



Jan 2, 2011
what is it with postmen that they wear shorts regardless of the weather? a hardy lot ...


Jan 3, 2011
Forney, TX
Here's the one I would have posted for Day30 had I gone back out to take the shot over, but I didn't.

"KOA No. 2"

This is the one my wife liked best, but I was too lazy to get rid of the halo.

"KOA No. 3"



Jan 2, 2011
this one because while I like the overall shape in bw, the colour version that made it to the SiJ gallery had a particular narrative I wanted to retain

melbury hill bw by _loupe, on Flickr

I liked this one too and nearly changed my mind mid-upload, but in the end I couldn't quite get the crop right and I wasn't willing to fiddle any more ...

a tree full of starlings by _loupe, on Flickr

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