November Nocturne Night 20


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I claim this from the archives as "community property." My husband is part of the team co-ordinating a study abroad program in Illinois, and he spent the spring term at Christ Church College in Canterbury, Kent, and I was fortunate to spend the first 2 months with him. (Yes, I can use "fortunate" and "January and February in Kent" in the same sentence with sincerity. Imagine how I'd feel in April and May!) Members of the program were invited to Evensong one night. Neither of us are church-goers, much less Anglican, so we'd resisted the temptation to attend a service simply to get onto the cathedral grounds "after hours," but we accepted the invitation and were much moved by the beauty of the service and of course by the beauty and acoustics of the cathedral choir.
I claim this photo because 1) I carried the camera, 2) I handed it to my husband, who actually took the photo, and 3) I directed him to take it because his hands are steadier than mine.
Actually, the conversation went more like this. "Give me the camera." "Why bother? It will be awfully blurry." "Just give me the camera, will you?"
So without more ado - Canterbury Cathedral After Dark

Canterbury Cathedral before Evensong, Feb 14, 2013 by rubyj29, on Flickr


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Another dusk / after sunset shot riding home from work...


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