Fuji Now look what you've gone and done...


May 6, 2011
Congrats Russ. It's a lovely camera. I had a play with one the other day as my "local" dealer has a few in stock. If I liked the 35mm focal length I'd be all over one in a second.



Apr 26, 2011
A Leekist in York, UK
It reminds me of my old Contax G2, the way the aperture ring is on the lens and both shutter speed and exposure compensation are on the top plate. This is a good thing.

But yes, the menu system leaves a lot to be desired. I also find the Menu/OK button too small and keep selecting the flash control or shooting mode control by mistake.

My appeal to Fuji would be to allow the Fn button to be set as a "Quick Menu" button a la LX3, giving instant access to ISO, WB, AF mode, metering mode etc etc.

But, like my old Contax (which I traded in against a D300) it's a camera that just invites you to take photos. Love it.
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