Now that the dust has settled, what are you waiting/looking for?


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I'm looking forward to the new Oly 17/1.8. Peeved that it only comes in silver though. I suppose Oly will release it in black later as a special edition for $300 extra.

A new Pen with built in EVF would be awesome.

RX200 with a 24-100 equivalent lens f1.4-2.5 lens. And built in OVF.

RX1 to sell for $799.

M4/3 versions of the Oly 12-60/2.8-4 and 50-200/2.8-3.5.

Fuji to REALLY improve the AF of the XPro1/XE1 series and use a faster processor.

A 9mm Glock or Sig Sauer. Maybe .40 instead.

From your lips to God's ears. Even the Glock.


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After all these years, I still haven't bought into a system. Fuji's X system is the front-runner, but I think I'll try to get a thousand dollars worth of use from the DP2 Merrill before I start thinking about another purchase. I can't wait for next year, to add the next batch of cameras and lenses to my wishlist, only to remove them after I sober up.


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I will likely grab the Fuji 35 equiv lens, but that's probably it for a quite some time. I didn't buy a new camera from November 2009 to Aug 2012. Best move I have made in a while. I rented a few, but just spent my time honing skills, trying new things, making more photographs than ever, and printing. Fun.

Unlike Armanius I'm delighted with the Fuji focus. It's certainly not as fast as some other cameras, but the camparisons don't interest me. It's more than fast enough for my purposes, and deadly accurate. I love using the camera.

I'll spend more on a few workshops, and maybe on a trip to actually make photographs. I'm setting up a few projects, refining my skills (a never ending journey) hanging out with photographers etc. I love to read about cameras, and I try everything that comes out by renting. But overall I have found more satisfaction in knowing the camera I have like it's part of me.

Now, if I win some cash this picture may change. In the end though, I would probably just travel and shoot more.

Armanius: go for the .40. Velocity and wallop.


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since its all makebelieve :) I could could cover the cost of my dream kit for about $20,000 USD.

Ricoh grd v -- you know its got to be good
Fujifilm EX-1 with kit zoom and couple of primes
both Sigma Merrills
and because money doesn't matter in this post, a D800e with my pick of three Nikon zooms and a couple of primes

the Fuji just might happen this spring :biggrin:


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I honestly don't lust after any gear at the moment.Since getting my X100 this year,I have just been fixated on it.It rings all the bells for me.On the occasion that I do dig out my O-MD,I appreciate how fine a camera it is also.My problem with it is too many lens choices now.So this year I will concentrate on selling all the lenses and gear that I haven't used in a while.That will include the Pana 25, Oly 45,Oly 9-18,numerous legacy lenses, and all my Nikon stuff, D90 included.I've found that I prefer the lenses that force me to get in tight,the 14 and 20.I know I would like the Oly 12 but just don't want to spend the money for it.The Xpro1 and 35 is now a great price but I prefer the form factor of my X100.


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So many choices, so many needs. I personally have went through a radical optimization of my gear, I was spread between too many choices of "near like" capabilities and my money was spread through all that gear also. I decided to stretch it to the extremes for now, I have the rx100 and a d800e, nothing in between. I kept the in between money to get some good lenses for the d800e and will likely bridge the gap one day in the future, but that has not come yet. Maybe something radical like a fuji x200.

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I'm waiting to afford some of the Olympus m4/3 lenses that appeared this year when they show up used, refurbished, or as demos, though I might get the 17mm f1.8 new if I can manage it -- NOT now.

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