Fuji NP-95 Batteries for x100s


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I need to purchase some new batteries for this camera. It doesn't seem they are available anymore. Which third party batteries would you recommend? Must you buy a new charger or will the Fuji charger work? Thanks for any help. ricks
I ordered some a few weeks later but didn't get around trying them until about a month ago. I have had increasing problems , missing a lot of shots when the battery has shut off only to come on maybe 10 shots later, seems slow to take other pictures. It fits quite loosely in the camera, and starts to fall out when I open the door. The camera doesn't seem to have problems with the older fuji batteries. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.
Well, original batteries of the camera manufaturers may be more expensive, but they are reliable (and - as your experience shows - prove to be cheaper in the long run). Of course there are good ones from other brands a s well, but I've never trusted no-name products.
Although others have said Wasabi are good, they are the only aftermarket I’ve had issues with, and in a Fuji x100 no less. I’ve been relying on Kastar for all my 3rd party needs, for every camera I own, and so far so good!

I will second the Duracell copies however, if they make them.
Thank you for all the replies. I believe the NP-95 battery is no longer available in the US. The only link I could find for Duracell was priced in Euros, not available in US. I will give Wasabi a call tomorrow if they are not weather impacted.