Sony NP-BX1 USB recharge + external battery?

Edwin Lee

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Quick question about these batteries as I've never used the RX100's before...
Can one power the external charger (official & 3rd party) with a USB battery? I'm thinking of ways to recharge spare batteries while on the move and shooting.
Also, can you power the RX100 with an external battery source? Namely also a USB battery?
Much obliged.


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By USB battery, I assume you mean a battery pack with a USB connection?
Charging the camera with one of those should work, I used a solar panel to charge a battery pack and then connected that battery pack to my Sony HX9v (or phone or tablet), worked fine.
I don't know what the charger for this particular battery (NP-BX1) looks like. If it has a USB input slot, you should be able to charge it from a battery pack. If it has a cable with a mains plug attached to it (and no USB in slot), then no.

Pay attention to the output voltage of your battery pack; for good performance, it should be at least 5V (even if the camera's battery is only 3.7V). Tablets often don't charge on anything less than 5V. Also having significantly more capacity than your camera's battery is useful in my experience.

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