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The Samsung NX10 system is in its early days with only 3 lenses currently available. Initial use seemed to indicate that the zooms were very good. I shot a series of tests comparing the 18-55 zoom to the 30mm F2 pancake.

There are a series of test shots ( with downloadable raw files) here.
Hi, my own experience is that the 18-55 is softer than the 30 but can be sharpened up well in lightroom. The real surprise given some reviews was the 50-200, this lens is incredibly sharp even fully open. I have recently returned from a stock trip in France where I took only the nx10 and three lenses and the lack of weight in 30 degree city heat was a godsend, very pleased with the results although I think my ideal kit would be the 30, 50-200 and the forthcoming 20.
I was surprised and pleased by the performance of both zoom lenses. Like you I relish the advantages of a system like this for travel/stock shooting.

I spent many years shooting in France and used to run a picture library - ImagesFrance, so I know what its like to work in those conditions. We'd love to see some of your French images shot with the Samsung, any chance of you posting a few?
A few images from my recent NX10 only trip to France as promised. The file names have been truncated on upload so some lens info is missing (not quite sure how to do this correctly!). Just ask if you would like any more info.
Still working through all the French images but very pleased with quality so far.


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I found this strap (Gordy's) great for carrying the camera in the hand in a hot city environment.


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