Samsung NX11 with SEF-42A Flash - extension cable problem?


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New owner of NX11 - well pleased. I've added an Samsung SEF-42A flashgun and on the camera it works fine.

I want to use the flash offset on a handgrip. Samsung don't make an extension cable and the only one I could find is sold by ShopForCameras (in Hong Kong) on eBay.

However, it doesn't work. When the two are connected via the cable and the flash is turned on, the 'flash avallable' symbol goes to off on the NX11 display and the flash gun doesn't fire.

The NX11 hot shoe has five pads and the cable connects four of these. I've checked the cable with a meter and the connections are correct - no shorts or crossed wires. Does anyone know enough about the NX flash connections to say if that fifth pin is necessary?

The box that the cable came in is labelled 'Pentax/Samsung'.