nx1100 on a backpack sized drone

It's a work in progress still ... I'm getting a jello effect due to instability in the dampeners (round plugs that the mount attaches to) but it's one of the heftier cameras successfully lifted off by a drone of this size and that was what I was out to prove. It's also got a lovely range on the wifi, which means I can delay pulling its guts out to install a bigger antenna ... for now.

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My first print; confirmed measurements


The printer about to produce a reject


The mount, screwed together


Camera attached, centre weighted


Ready to fly


In the air


Photo from the air

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I'll be keeping you guys posted as the mount improves ... it's not intended specifically for the Samsung ... it's just a tripod screw rail.

The NX1100 is on the heavy side for the Phantom 2's payload, but it does fly and can gain altitude without chewing through battery too quickly. Once it's a more stable platform I should be able to nab some great photos!

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