Panasonic NYC shots with LX-5

Ray Sachs

Not too far from Philly
you should be able to figure it out...
I got the LX-5 on Wednesday and spent the weekend in New York. I'd done a bit of color shooting out in the country with it on Thursday that I put up in the general LX-5 image thread. Here are a handful of B&W and one color taken in the city over the past couple of days. Mostly yesterday, but one or two this morning. Several in MOMA, one at the LOVE sculpture, one in Times Square. C&C always welcome.

This camera is a stone blast. Isn't much that I want to do with it that it won't do, other than more extreme focal lengths. Its quick as lightning for street shooting. Put it in hyperfocal setup, point, frame, shoot, and it happens RIGHT NOW! I took literally hundreds of really bad photographs that are just dead sharp and well exposed. :cool: Good enough in low light. Tends to blow highlights pretty easily, but I'll learn to cope. I'm really loving this little contraption. I think I'll keep it.


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Great shots. First and last stand out for me. I like the expression on the girls face in the last one that echoes the expression on the face of the girl in the Mamma Mia poster. Is she wearing some kind of balloon?

Unsure about the prominent handrail at the bottom of #2 On the one hand it provides a nice frame for the couple below; on the other its big and bright and a bit distracting.


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Ray, thanks so much for your lightning fast NYC report on your LX5! I laughed when I read
I took literally hundreds of really bad photographs that are just dead sharp and well exposed.
And love your off the cuff, honesty and humor!

From this interesting group, your first the winning one from my vantage point! Bravo! Great framing, black and white tones - and the fact that that one woman is looking straight up, while everyone else isn't was perfect timing.

Always glad to see a post from you, Ray - along with your photos.:th_salute:

P.S. This last balloon one is very cute.:D