Øbservations Nº3


Jul 8, 2012
Auckland, New Zealand
Chris Leskovsek
Hey guys,

It's been 6 months since I started this project without any ending. And I'm amazed with the response from the people. I never thought I would "sold out" one of the numbers and ship many copies anywhere outside friends and family, yet I've shipped to all 5 continents already, that is something that blew me away. And yet here I go with the third edition, and already, almost half of it was pre sold. insane!. So on one hand I wanted to thank you all of you for the support, by either downloading and tweeting about it or just "checking it out", it has helped me and my work immensely.

So for those that doesn't know about what im talking about here. I publish a little photobook or "visual journal" of my everyday life and thoughts about my life in the city, that every two month I self-publish a book in limited runs that you could either download for free or buy it physically.

Here's a sneak peek of version number 3. check it out here for more details http://chrisleskovsek.com/observations3

hope you guys like it. :biggrin:

ps: for the gear heads, this are all shot with either a Ricoh GR a Olympus EM5 or a Sony A7 + 35mm Lux.

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