October 5, 2012 - Octoberfest Photofest

Michael T

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Fantastic shot, Joe.

Shades of that photographer (I'm bad with names) who produced shots like this inside her home and had them on exhibit (was it last year?).


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My occupation is business development for a telecommunications equipment startup and this is my office workspace (when I am there). Full disclosure, my home office desk is slightly less tidy.

Ohhh so you travel and they allow you a piece of countertop when you show up in the office hm? :D Kyle that doesn't even look like a medium sized notebook either. I wish I knew how to travel so lite!

I would need an archealogical team to help me FIND my desk.

Don't go there.. we may have to have the worst desk scenario photo contest and I bet I'd win that.. [shamefully :S] Top of the desk, sides of the desk, under the desk.. art supplies, cameras, books, music and a lot of 'other'.

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