Sony Odd behavior with face detection

I have had the Sony RX100 for a few days and today I noticed an oddity. Maybe it's a setting I don't understand. I was shooting photos when I noticed a few images were suddenly appearing cropped horizontally both sizes when reviewing them. When I looked at them in my edit software it turns out the images were turned on their side. I'm positive I did not tilt the camera vertical. Any ideas as to what would cause that?

As I review the images in-camera I see there's an icon in the left upper area of the screen with these particular images. It shows a smiley face with a square around it. Smile/Face Detection (Regist. Faces) is on. So I guess there's something going on here with face detection.



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There's a setting to auto crop a portrait. It sounds like that is what is going on. The camera will recognize a portrait and attempt to crop it to the best frame.
It's in the menus.
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