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Joey Wilson

Mar 19, 2012
Chris, I own an X10, an X-S1, and the EF20 and EF42 flashes (I will round up an EFX-20 soon). Not too concerned with slave setups yet, but I am planning to get the Canon off-camera cable (you can also do the same thing with the Velo-brand Canon o-c cable, either available thru B+H or the other usual suspects).

This way, I can maintain full TTL control, which is what I want: The Fuji flash implementation is fabulous. I once did a test on a close static display, and the results from the X10's built-in, the EF20, and the EF42, were indistinguishable. As far as I know, there are currently no slave setups that carry thru this TTL operation. Anybody know of any? All I have found thus far is other-brand automatic flashes tripped by an on-camera flash from the camera. One of my favorite flash techniques is to hand-hold the flash off the camera (up high, to one side, etc.), so you can see my interest in the Canon cable.


Feb 23, 2013
Thanks EBC... The flash held off camera to one side is what I want to do...so the Canon cable and a Fuji flash is what I need



Aug 30, 2011
Springfield, Illinois
Dr. B.

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Hello All,
I have used the x10 and now x100 with off camera flash.
This one from late last year was done with the x100.
The flash was a canon 540 ez shot through a Profoto translucent umbrella.
Cybersync triggers and receivers.
While either of the cameras will synch at high shutter speeds I didn't need it here.


Feb 12, 2013
Yeah I use a Canon off-camera cable, usually with the XP1, but also with the X10. In fact I use my EF-X20 with the X10 in wireless mode (no TTL) which is quite versatile


Feb 12, 2013
When you do this, does the flash actually fire from the X10 and contribute to the exposure?
Yes it does, which can be a challenge at times when you don't want a light source right in front but thru a little trial and error, I've been able to make it work


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Feb 12, 2013
I use my cheap chinese ebay radio triggers and my old Nikon SB-28 flash. It's obviously going to be a manual setup without TTL support, but it works well. I even used the triggers to fire my pair of Elinchrom Style 400BX monolights and with the high sync of the X10, it's awesome (thanks leaf shutter)!

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