Advice Wanted Off to a rocky start? Polaroid 600 Impulse AF misbehaving?


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First three test shots out of the pack.

First one was taken in room temp, developed fine. The other two were taken in 0C / 32F but I had the camera inside my jacket and also placed the ejected film right into a inside pocket. The third one obviously, taken right after the second one, hasn't developed correctly.

With precisely 3 polaroids exposed during my entire life, and only one shot failed, it's early to blame the camera but I want to get opinions from you before I giftwrap the camera. Really wouldn't want to give a 200€ gift to someone only for him to take failed shots with the entirety of stock.
With the camera warmed up to room temperature- what does it do now?

I use my SLR690 and SLR680 indoors when it is cold, outdoors when warm. I guess it's like trying to develop a roll of film in freezing temps.
We always used ours indoors back in the day so I never thought about before. It seems that 18C/55F is the low temperature before issues start arising.

Poking around, there was a Polaroid "Cold Clip" accessory for low temps.

Might be interesting to see if you could build your own version, seems to be just an aluminum clamshell that you'd warm up in your shirt pocket.
Thanks for replies. Fortunately it looks like I was getting way too jumpy about just one failed frame.

I have taken two more shots since, they developed fine. One room temp and one at around 1 C, this time not under my coat but in my bag. I wanted to experiment.

The room temp ones have very deep contrast and the ones around freeze point have a faded look. This is to be expected. Polaroid gives no promises below 13C. I only was bummed about the third shot where it obviously didn't start to develop right at all. It might have been a user error, maybe. Perhaps we'll never know.

I'm too cheap for Polaroids for my own pleasure. Taking just three shots is costing me more than an (employer-subsidized) lunch. Not my game, Polaroids. I'm glad the camera works fine (within 5 frames managed to test all the features: autofocus close and far, self-timer) but I'm urging the recipient to be careful while the camera is ejecting the frame out: if it was a user-error it must have been something during that one second in time. Or maybe the individual frame was just faulty from the get-go. I understand this has always been a part of the Polaroid experience.

Just for funsies, I'll post the frames tomorrow.

Perhaps I'll even ask the larger Polaroid community about educated guesses/opinions about what sort of malfunction might have caused the failed shot: developer chemicals not activating, or something about the chemical layers, something else.