Panasonic Official Panasonic DMC-LX5 announcement

I like everything about it except for the lack of internal lens covers, but that is easily solved by a JJC auto lens cap. I love the 24mm wide angle, the AVCHD Lite video mode, dedicated video button, longer zoom, improved grip, just about everything. If the sensor is better than the GRD III's then I will be very happy indeed, although the lens had better be just as good, too.
While I'm a bit disappointed on the technical upgrades (or lack there of), I'm pretty excited about the changes to the form factor, including:

* GF-1 clickable wheel
* EVF compatibility
* dedicated movie button

Honestly, don't know if it's worth upgrading though...
Honestly, don't know if it's worth upgrading though...

I don't know, at least not yet. However, there are not only people who may upgrade from the LX3 to the LX5 but also many other potential buyers. I suspect this camera to be a good choice for people who don't own an LX3 (or a comparable camera) yet and want a tiny but competent camera. But we have to see some pictures to be sure. In my opinion the image quality should better be excellent since the Canon S90 is a comparable camera which costs significantly less and the GF1 with its kit zoom is not that much pricier although not as tiny.
I won't replace my LX3 with the LX5

Its a great first buy for a user wanting a compact with high IQ

The EVF is a great add-on the LX3 never had

All up its a great refinement of probably the best ever quality compact ever, the size and IQ and f2 / 24mm W/A are its strength's.
It does have great DOF (not everyone's liking) and is going to be expensive with the EVF compared to say the great little E-PL1

Forgot how good the LX3 is.... Outdoor / Indoor

Hobart here


Well I pre-ordered...what the heck is that anyway? You either order or you don't! Here's my pre-thoughts anyway.
I sold my LX3 a year ago cause it let me down in low light and wouldn't find all! I sold it the next day. The LX5 looks like it solved many of the annoying things from it's mom. I hated that joystick. I'm not wanting a video game on my camera. The lens was great and now extending to 90mm makes the camera a great carry around pocket sized machine that covers everything from a nice wide angle to a good portrait lens. The aspect ratio knob and the macro knob are works of pure genius.
I will get this as my pocket camera. It's gonna be a pretty thing to have in your pocket and it'll even leave some spare change as it's gonna be around $500.00 USD.

If it had the the Ricoh step zoom feature and the snap focus....I'd be in Heaven.
Your thoughts from those interested in this camera....... Not you BB, your with the X1 crowd now.....
But Don, I am interested in the LX-5! I'm like Julio and Willie...singing "To All the Cameras I've Loved Before".:D

All kidding aside, if I hadn't pulled the big trigger, I have no doubt that I would have been very pleased with this new Panasonic LX-5. Believe me, there was great gnashing of teeth in my house, my own teeth I must add. Time will tell but I can't wait to see what this little camera is like. Maybe I'll sell my E-PL1 and go crazy over the LX-5, that way I can have my cake and eat it too.:daz:;)
The only thing that you have to deal with is the single focal length of the X1. For me, it's not an issue...hopefully, you can make yourself work that way.
The LX5 has all the good stuff I need for a small camera to put in me pocket......
I have downloaded some of the raw files with ISO 80, 400, 800, 1600 and 3200. Of course I cannot come to a final conclusion by testing only these raw files, but I am not very impressed. Both cameras behave equally well at base ISO. Although I don't have raw files from the S90 made under exactly the same circumstances, I think that I usually get technically better results at ISO 400 and above from my S90. Please be careful, that this is just a first impression.