Micro 4/3 Oh Nut's! I have done it again!!! GF-1 on the way! eeek!

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Oh lordy i have done it again!! I have found a very cheap GF-1 and I couldn't resist....I nearly did but it was too cheap and it was a black one. It has done just 726 shots but has a tiny scratch on the body where the GF1 logo is on the front! Apart from that it's mint and comes with 4 GB card. What makes things worse it that a few days ago i bought a Panasonic 14mm f2.5 lens for the E-PL2. :eek:

So do i keep all 3 cameras or sell the E-P1? I don't want to sell the E-P1 but may have to.:D

Note to self: I must not buy anything else.

Ray Sachs

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you should be able to figure it out...
Since you have the epl2, I'd probably sell the ep1. I have my ep2 up for sale after buying a gh2 (I also have a gf1 that I got cheap on closeout), but I have very mixed feelings about selling it. It doesn't have the quick reflexes of the gf1 or any other Pany camera I've used, but it does have IBIS and its not a bad thing to have one body with ibis in it. You've got that covered and I can't see anyplace where the ep1 is better than the epl2, so I'd sell it. My ep2 is the ONLY ibis camera I have and I'm not gonna sell it unless I get a really good offer (and since I haven't even been lowballed yet, I think I may keep it!)...



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I say, keep them all. E-P1 is a classic. You will regret selling it the moment it is gone.

Plus, you're only up to three cameras. Believe me, that is not that many.