Okay, now I'm properly insulted . . .

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Have you checked this out?

Everypixel Aesthetics uses neural networks to judge your photographs

You can go here -- Everypixel Aesthetics Test - Ask Neural Network if Your Photo is Good or Not -- drop one of your pictures in, and have the software rate it for "awesomeness."

I dropped in one of my cloud/sunset pictures and it was rated at 48.6% chance the photo is awesome.

Then I dropped in one of my snow-on-the-pines pictures -- one that folks here said "could be a Christmas card" --and it was rated at 0.0% chance that the photo was awesome.

Bottom line: the photo rating software and I have "creative differences."

Cheers, Jock

Ray Sachs

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you should be able to figure it out...
The bots love me. I've had an unusual number of shots show up in Flickr's explore page, a few of which I really like but many of which I consider pretty pedestrian shots. I just put a handful of shots into this thing, two of which I really like and three of which I don't consider any better than sort of OK. They all scored at least 75-80, the two best got a 99 and an 89, although I like the 89 shot a lot more than the 99 shot. Other than that I thought it got the order about right, but some of those shots do NOT have a 75-80% chance of being "awesome" - they're simply not, so if you had to put a percentage on it, I'd give them 10% or less.

So, I'm a real hit with the bots - if bots ever start buying stuff, I'm rich, I'm famous, I might even be young again! Actual human people OTOH, not so much...

Bring on the bots! ;)



My wife did research on using neural networks for image recognition 20+ years ago. My "Honeydo"list was interesting, usually "Honey, I need a subroutine to pick objects out of an image so I can process them". She did add me as a co-author to the paper.
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Well I didn't get a 99.9 on one. But how does this get a 71.7?

While this gets a 0.0?
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this rated 99,6%...
Evening entertainment
by bartjeej, on Flickr

and this rated only 27,4%, even though I personally consider it one of my very best images...
by bartjeej, on Flickr

but the choice of words is really rather good indeed. The only flaw is that it sometimes adds names of more-visited locations with similar landscape features (the Himalayas and Morocco, neither of which are correct)


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The first three pics I tried scored me 99% each so I figured I had the code cracked, but the fourth only scored 17%. Pondering whether I should risk a selfie but the score might spoil my day! :crying:

I wouldn't worry too much what the bots think, or indeed other folk. If u like your work then it's job done!


Sunny Frimley
I had a couple of doggy ones at 99.4 %..... but I notice they tagged him "purebred dog" :eek: Quite a mixed back though generally, from 0.17% to mid 60's and a few 99's so just a bit of fun really ;)


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Fun to play with. Seems like an interesting project to me. Some really odd results, though. All three of these family snapshots from a couple weeks ago got 100% :rolleyes:.


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Jock Elliott

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"I'm not concerned what others may think......bots or humans", he said as he nervously shifted in his seat.

Luke, you could also go with: "I reject the bourgeois concept of ratings."

Unable to win the heart of the bots, I'm reverting to (it helps if you hear John Wayne in your head when you read this): "I'm just gonna shoot what I like ta shoot."

Cheers, Jock

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