Okay, what is with the "Media" button on the top navigation?


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Jan 1, 2017
This might be it, although I don’t know how to see which albums or categories I am following.
This is from the preferences page (after changes)
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I thought that might have been the problem but I went through and removed all the ticks for every media related setting and still had the red bubble at the top of the page.

All fixed now though, thanks Kevin :thumbup:


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Jan 7, 2013
Cheshire, England
Martin Connolly
Thanks, I see it's an actual alert (which, if you have the option turned on) would result in a push notification as well. I can't check myself until I'm back on my personal machines (at the office today) but can you make sure you aren't "watching" that category in the Media/Gallery section?

If you go to https://cameraderie.org/media/categories/member-galleries.4/ and check the top of the screen above the thumbnail previews, do you see the word "watch" or "unwatch"?
  • If you see "unwatch" click it and that'll stop your account from watching the category. It's possible you watched the category a long time ago but because the Media/Gallery section is barely used, combined with the newer style of Alerts & push notifications in XF2, then seeing alerts from that section is now distracting.
  • If you see "watch" then I really need to poke around to see what's generating those alerts for some of you guys. :eek:

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Aha! Yes I saw the unwatch button, and I’ve clicked that. Thanks!

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