Micro 4/3 Old and New

Steve Noel

Casey County, KY
This is mostly highlighting my other hobby, wood work. The boxes are for my wife and daughters. There are some not pictured here.

This is my small basement workshop. there are some power tools, not focusing on them today. They are the primary tools used in making the boxes. I have the tools and knowledge, to hand make them, just not the patience, nor the skill. I made some by hand, and they are not for publishing! Although the box with the tool rack was mostly hand tool constructed.

The work bench has a new 2 3/4 inch thick laminated top(wood from Lowes, that I ripped, planed and glued up). I have no idea how old the wood body plane is, but it is very sharp and works fine. I have a collection of metal body planes, from #3 through #6 and some specialty ones as well. The wood vice is very old and works great. Above the bench, is my new Japanese pull saw and an old conventional hand saw. Yes, I use both. Just a a sampling of the side by side of the old and the new, working together to get the desired outcome.

The camera is the Olympus EM-5, and the lens is the old OM 50mm f1.8, that I paid $5.00 for. Old and New. Well almost!

Yes, I have a thing for tools. A good tool is half the battle.

Please overlook the poor writing skills.
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