Leica Old, cheap manual 50mm to pair to my Nikon Zf: Nikon, Canon...?

Los Angeles
I'm looking into manual 50mm lenses, just to complete my current setup of 28mm, and 35mm.
I already have a Nikon AIS 50mm 1.4, which I adapted, but the result is too bulky. To my knowledge, the only small adapters are the Leica ones.

So, I love Voigtländer Leica M lenses for their cost/quality ratio, their compactness, and the focus tab, which comes in handy, but I'm curious what else it's out there.

After some searching, I got curious about the Canon 50mm f1.4 LTM and the Nikon Nikkor H.C HC 50mm f/2 L39.
It seems they're both good choices, although I couldn't find much info about their respective sizes and the focus throw.

Any thoughts on those lenses? Or is there something better I should be considering?

Thanks for any insight.
There’s always the Nikkor Ai-s 50mm f1.8 pancake i suppose, get yourself a Japanese version and it’ll focus down to 0.45m. It’s a lovely lens and importantly smaller than the other Nikkors you mentioned even with the adapter.
If you're after tiny 50mm lenses the retractable industars might be the way forward. Only f/3.5 & a little quirky, but great fun IMO.
I use mine on a LTM extension tube, that gives it infinity focus while retracted & allows it to be pulled out when close up shots are wanted.
There are both retractable & non retractable versions of the industar 50 in LTM (& a M42 model too), so look up the industar 10 first.

These lenses are typically quite cheap, but that doesn't stop them giving reasonable results.