Sony Old DSC-T20 lens issue

Michael Maddan

New Member

I'm assuming that many folks have dealt with the focussing problems these cameras sometimes have. I have repaired another one I own one by re-gluing the lower section of the magnetic assembly, and everything's OK. I just bought another DSC-T20, and it, too, has the buzzing focus problem. On this camera, though, the problem appears to be in the upper section of the assembly...the one with a bar magnet. From what I saw after removing the cover, all is OK...nothing loose or broken or bent. After reassembly and turning the camera on ( with cover removed ) the buzzing can be stopped by applying gentle pressure on the upper, magnet, section.

So: at this point, I'm thinking that there's simply too much clearance between the steel rods & nylon supports in the focus assembly, so that the buzzing happens because the rods are moving too much in their bushings. At this moment, I'm thinking that this cannot be's just worn out.

And: am I right here, or is there a generic problem with this design, that others are able to fix?

Thanks, everyone!