Old Photos


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Discovered these on an old CD copy I made a few years ago.
Not just a slice of nostalgia more like the whole cake with cream on it

Old Photos

Me & two of my cousins. Sometime in the 50’s.
I’m in the middle.

The large lady is my Grandmother who I never met, she died when my mother was Fourteen.


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Now, you see you've found my soft spot, I absolutely love old photos. To me it's why we take pictures - so that someone can look at them many years down the line and let their imagination run wild! Photos are more than just pretty pictures like the ones we tend to take today, they're an excellent record of past lives - in many cases of people who had a hand in making us what we are. We should treasure them.


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Could have sworn I had posted one of my Nan and Mum. Oh well, here they are...


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