Older Photos I'd Like To Share


Huntsville, AL
So I thought since the only photos I post are from my OLY PEN that I'd like to post a few of my favorites that I've taken in the past few years with other cameras. Some of These photos were taken with a Panasonic FZ3 and others with a Canon A560. Maybe not serious cams, but I like the results. I think many of these are very indicative of what I like to take pictures of. I might even post a few more as I go through them. Photographically, I don't know how "good" they are, but they are some of my favorites.

This first one was taken as the sun was setting across Mobile Bay. For a little bit of a story, we only stayed one day in Mobile due to threat of Hurricane Gustav.


This is one of my favorites. This is a picture off the back deck of a restaraunt called "Down the hatch" in Ponce Inlet Florida, just south of Daytona


This is the light house at Ponce Inlet.


Photographically, this picture is nothing special. But seeing the Blue Angels in person is a treat. However, the next day of the show, a child was killed when a supercell lifted a large portable AC unit onto a child.


This picture is also a favorite. My Father, my girlfriend, and myself fishing off a dock the day after Thanksgiving as the sun was going down. My girlfriend had never been fishing before. I have a few of "those" pictures, but I don't think my girlfriend would appreciate it, LOL.

Very nice. I'm also partial to the first. I have a slew of old slides being digitized. I have no idea if any of them will be up to snuff, but if they are I'll post a few.


I wanted to post these just to keep perspective. It doesn't take an expensive camera to get good photos.
Absolutely true, Jason. Thanks for sharing these. That first one, in particular, is a beauty. I can see why you like all three. The color and sense of evening light is beautiful. And as for those pilots and their planes - the Blue Angels - everyone I've ever known who's seen them has had their jaws drop!:D