Olinda - Mt Dandenong Antiques PL 25/1.4


A Trip up to Olinda to that gorgeous antique shop "Mangana"
E-P2 PL25/1.4 RAW LR3 Interior shots ISO800
(Heavy crop)

I always like to capture my reflection in the shop :biggrin:
cropped too

The shop

more here
Mangana Antiques Olinda - 25mm/1.4 PL Summilux - boyzo's Photos


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Great thread, John - and we even got a self-portrait thrown in for good measure!:biggrin:

I'm interested in those books, too - as well as in the beautiful Mission/Craftsman lamp and cat fan lamp!

Lovely interior shots, John. Congrats on the new lens!


Bring Jack back!
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Lot's of folks would love to buy that 20mm, Armando. Just list it here and across the hall.:wink:

Nah, I can't sell the 20/1.7. I like it too much, especially on the GH2. It's almost magic on the GH2, and the images I get with the combo are better than with the EP2.

However, I suppose everyone has a price. If someone wants to offer me $950 (the price of the PL25/1.4 for it), I'll sell it. :)

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