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Oly E-P3

Discussion in 'Micro Four Thirds' started by Bill Gordon, May 25, 2011.

  1. I guess by now we are all aware that a new body is on the way, supposedly a Pro mu4/3rds.
    The one thing that would have me in line for it is if they would change the focus from a square-ish green patch to a proper focusing screen like the big fellas have...I prefer a cross hair or a split (like the RF cameras) as the green area just does not turn me on..it is not precise enough.
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  2. Armanius

    Armanius Bring Jack back!

    Jan 11, 2011
    Houston, Texas
    Wish list:

    Better sensor (but not necessarily more megapixels)
    Weaker AA filter
    Faster AF (at least as good as GH2)
    Focus assist light
    ISO button close to the shutter release
    Dual wheels
    At least 3 fully customizable buttons
    Integrated EVF as good as the VF2 (but it can be smaller so camera won't be too big)
    Keep size not bigger than EP2 (if possible)
    Swivel rear LCD that is at least similar in quality to the NEX
    Sweep panorama (like in NEX and X100)
    Multi-shot noise reduction (like in NEX)
    No more than $1000

    And give us some fast pancake lenses please!!!
  3. Panasonic G3 is coming soon too!! Worth checking out.
  4. I hope I will be able to have a play with the E-P3 at PMA Sydney in late June. :biggrin:
  5. jonoslack

    jonoslack Veteran

    May 6, 2011
    HI Bill
    To get me back wouldn't take much:

    1. a decent zoom equivalent to the 12-60 on the 4/3
    2. more mp (sorry, I'd like 16)
    3. weather sealing
    4. built in EVF
    5. size as EP2 or smaller
    6. good focusing

    not much to ask is it?
  6. I like your list except for the more megapixel. I have had a number of cameras with 12 to 14 mp and 12 is more than enough. What I would prefer is 12mp and LOW noise. The marketing department will no doubt win with more mp so wishes may go unfulfilled.
  7. Luckypenguin

    Luckypenguin Hall of Famer

    Dec 24, 2010
    Brisbane, Australia
    Firstly I hope they don't follow Panasonic's lead and try to go smaller. My main complaints with the E-P1 (and by extension the E-P2) are the speed of operation (especially AF), screen resolution, design of the lower control wheel, and lack of pop-up flash. They can add a few more megapixels if they wish.

    Having said that, the problem with all of the mirrorless ILC systems is native lens selection, not camera bodies.
  8. jonoslack

    jonoslack Veteran

    May 6, 2011
    Well, I have one with 24mp and another with 18, and I don't think 12 is enough! The splendid 16mp Sony sensor on the K5/D7000/A580 shows the possibilities I think. Excellent high ISO, splendid dynamic range - it should be possible to get there with a 4/3 sensor IMHO.

    I think there is a real error of perception here, in that people compare IQ by looking at an image at 100%, and then say that the lower MP image is better - when what they should be doing is looking at the same proportion of the image. Whatever - we'll get what we're given!
  9. Pelao

    Pelao All-Pro

    Jul 11, 2010
    Ontario, Canada
    The megapixel discussion is certainly interesting. I am always curious why those want more feel that way. If you don't print. and especially not large, where is the added advantage over what we have now? Just curious.

    I liked my EP2, but sold it in favour of my GF1. I would not buy an EP3 unless Olympus really tidy up some of their menu, interface and control points. It's not necessarily that these are poor (though I think they are) but that they don't work as well for me as those provided by Panasonic. Among these:
    - the ability to create a screen to my liking: on my GF1 I am able to build a screen with exactly the info I want and, for example, place the histogram where I want it.
    - scroll wheel is fiddly. It simply moves too easily

    In addition, I would like:
    - built in EVF (liked Amin's idea re replaceable EVF / OVF modules, the latter tailored to lenses. Very cool.)
    - Better sensor: this probably means more mp, but I print large and need broader DR and better resolution
    - Focusing speed to match the G3 (or even the GF1 :smile:) 
    - keep direct manual controls, but allow customization

    Oh yes, 2 other things:
    - keep the same battery as the EP2. This would be innovative and really help ugraders.
    - No proprietary RAW format, but record to DNG instead, or at least the option to do so
  10. jonoslack

    jonoslack Veteran

    May 6, 2011
    Well, I do print - and occasionally I print large.
    But even if I didn't, I would like to think that I COULD print large, if I wanted to.

    Your assumption is that we only want to take images to look at on screen, in which case 5mp would be fine, and most compact cameras (whether serious or not) would be good enough.

    I recently had to do two wedding books at the same time - not huge (13"x11"), but decent sized. One wedding had been shot with a Nikon D700 (12mp), the other with the Sony A900 (24mp). Both were in low light - conventional wisdom would be that the D700 images would be much better. In fact, despite it's apparently poor low light performance, the extra resolution of the A900 much more than made up for this - the A900 book was noticeably better.

    all the best
  11. Pelao

    Pelao All-Pro

    Jul 11, 2010
    Ontario, Canada
    No assumptions made. I am just curious. I was writing specifically about people who have stated they rarely print and never large. Your case I understand: you like the option to be able to print large. I just gain the impression that many people never print, and many others never over 8 x 10. So I am curious about the need for more mp. Not making assumptions at all, just curious.

    I read posts where the increased mp of a camera are touted as an advantage, yet many of the same posters do not print large.

    A sensor that is larger and better can be advantageous, although again it's arguable whether or not the difference is visible on screen at normal viewing.
  12. jonoslack

    jonoslack Veteran

    May 6, 2011
    Hi There
    Oh! I quite agree with this, and I think it's a wierd situation where most compacts with teeny weeny sensors are touting 14mp whereas cameras like the new Fuji and most of the 4/3 cameras (with much larger sensors) only have 12m.
    We don't just need more mp - and perhaps that was misleading in my list, we need better sensors which will allow more mp to be worthwhile. I do feel we are getting there - the new Sony sensors being a case in point. Let's hope that the sensor in the new Pen cameras is, at least, an improvement on the old ones.

    all the best
  13. Pelao

    Pelao All-Pro

    Jul 11, 2010
    Ontario, Canada
    I agree re the new Sony sensors - amazing. I am equally impressed by the new sensor in the G3: not in the sense that it is equal to the Sony, but just from what I have seen so far it seems to be a great performer.

    In putting together the X100 Fuji had to make some compromises, as do all the makers. But leaving aside the interface quirks, they seem to have chosen wisely on sensor, mp and lens.

    I really hope the EP3 puts Olympus on more solid ground.
  14. Ah yes, the latest 16mp Sony sensor has sligtly better noise handling at high ISO than the earlier generation 12m sensor but unfortunately poorer low ISO long exposure noise due to hot/stuck pixels. I can shoot a 1 or 2 minute exposure on my D90 without long exposure noise reduction. The previous owner of my D90 and who now has a D7000 keeps telling everyone that I have a 'good' D90 but all the others that I have come across are like that too.

    Why low ISO long exposure? Least noise for low light photography.

    Very few people print larger than A4. Three mp will give a reasonable A4 print and the difference in print size you can achieve in going from 12mp to 16mp isn't significant. It does give a little extra lattitude in cropping provided you haven't been hit by diffrcation which comes in that little bit earlier.

    My point is put the advances in cleaner imaging at high ISO into the same pixel density and you get a better result when you really need it. It doesn't matter what I think on this, 14mp to 16mp sensors in MFT will be the norm just to stay in the race.

    Rumour has it that the E-P3 will have the same 12mp sensors in previous Olympus cameras but it should take on the improvments that went into the E-5. This will result in about a 1-stop improvement in image noise compared to the E-P1. Normally that isn't worth the effort in upgrading, but my E-P1 is getting very battered and if there is a good bundled lens in the offering (rumoured 12mm f/2), I would upgrade sooner, rather than later. Oh, expecially if an integrated EVF makes manual focussing easier.
  15. soundimageplus

    soundimageplus Top Veteran

    Jul 6, 2010
    I hope I'm wrong but what I'd like and what I think we'll get are different.

    What I'd Like
    What I think we'll get

    16MP Sensor
    12MP Sensor

    Built in EVF
    No built in EVF

    Articulated Screen
    Articulated Screen

    Better Grip
    Same grip as before

    Much better High ISO performance

    Slightly better High ISO performance

    Much faster AF
    Slightly faster AF

    Cleaned up menu system
    Same menu system

    12mm f/2 kit lens
    12mm f/2 kit lens
  16. Hi Jono
    Gosh, why would I not disagree with you? The 12-60 was a fantastic lens in combo with the E-3 but it was to damned heavy for me and yes I know we had this discussion in the Cathedral so.....if they made one for the Pen with the same quality it might start to make this fine little thing into a heavy monster again!! Otherwise, yes to everything!! Perhaps they will give you one to test for us:biggrin:
  17. Me too, ordered tix just yesterday :) 

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