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Expired Olympus E-PL2 + 14-42 MKII

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Just got my ep3 so my epl2 will have to go.

EPL2 (black) : $320 shipped (paypal) or $300 picked up locally

14-42 mkII: $100 (paypal + fees) firm

or both for $400 (shipped) or $380 picked up

MKII was only used less than 10 shots and epl2 was used since March. I'm not sure how to find out how many shots exactly so I can do that if you tell me. It's probably around 2-3K I would assume. Everything included on epl2 that came with the box except the strap that I broke (but caught the camera before it fell..phew). I'll take a pix this weekend. perfect condition.

you can also email me at mach330@gmail.com

Located in So Cali (if you want pick up and I'll knock off $20 off the price of camera only or total for both).

CONUS only (canada might be ok if buyer pays for extra shipping)

Some pix..

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