Micro 4/3 Olympus E-PM1 Picture - from 43 rumors



Still has IBIS, touch screen AND direct buttons and ultra fast AF .... sounds like a winner if it is all true


Could be another Olympus revolution?

If the AF is as good as they say, combined with new lenses and the better features like swivel LCD, could just be the synergy of elememnts to generate something special?:rolleyes:

Somehow feel the June 30 cameras could be much more significant for the non-DSLR sector than the X100. Wonder if their marketing and supply chain will be up to scratch (unlike Panasonic ...)


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The swivel screen will be a big draw. I never realized how handy they were until I tried out Don's NEX5. Wolfie, please keep us posted on what you think when you get your hands on one.:wink:

Nic, no updates for the original?:frown:


LuckyPenguin- not simple firmware fix ....

Can't they just make it an E-P1 firmware update?

The new AF system is supposedly a system based implementation: invloves changes to the sensor, the image processing engine and the lens working in combination. It is supposed to be as fast as a mid to pro-spec DSLR!

But we shall know better in eight days ...


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. Wolfie, please keep us posted on what you think when you get your hands on one.:wink:
I wish - torn about waiting or getting an E-PL2 as who knows how long until new models actually get to the shops. I am surviving with a powershot A630 - very frustrating for following my son's soccer games!

My only claim is that a good friend is with the local Olympus agents - and he says they look at rumor sites (:confused:) to get an idea of what going on because Japan basically tells them nothing until the last minute - or later!


New Oly Rumors and stock

My source says, with some surprise, that it looks like stock will arrive pretty soon after the official launch /announcement, and said to hold off buying until then.
Basically also confirmed the 43rumors info seems to be correct.
I used to be excited about Olympus cameras till I realized that I use all Panny lenses with my E-PL1. I pre ordered the G3 and my PL1 will become a dedicated Pinwide camera. For me the G3 with the built in EVF, swivel screen appears to be a home run.


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If I didn't have a camera, I'd buy the G3 in a heartbeat. Since I already have a GH2, I'm looking for a small camera to complement, and an NEX-style flip screen and fast AF will mean that the E-PL3 will be all mine!

My only disappointment is that all the soon-to-be announced PENs will almost definitely be using the same sensor as the E-P1. 43 Rumors says the sensor will be a "new Olympus 'tweaked' 12 Megapixel Sensor", and I've been around long enough to know what that means :rolleyes:. It isn't a bad sensor, but it's been over two and a half years since Panasonic put this sensor in the G1, and it's time to move on!

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