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Expired Olympus mZD 14-150

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Sadly, I think it's time to let go of my much-loved 14-150. Though not used a lot, it has been a star when it was called upon. It's in great condition. No appreciable dust, or marks, etc. It's really mint. Even still has the plastic cellophane covering over the lens cap! Comes with box, both caps and everything that came with the lens.

I'm letting it go only because my shooting habits have changed. My all-around kit used to be the 14-150 + 20/1.7, and I still think that's a great combo, but I'm loving my primes on my EPM1, and since I now have a dedicated body for telephoto, I don't need an all-rounder. Also, I need to get some of the money back I put into my primes!

I'm looking to sell this for $410, which includes paypal and shipping. But, I'm also willing to trade for an Oly 40-150 or a Panny 45-200.

So, it's
Oly 14-150 for $410 shipped and paypaled, or
Oly 14-150 for Oly 40-150 + $270 (so, $140 credit for the 40-150), or
Oly 14-150 for Panny 45-200 + $210 (so, $200 credit for the Panny 45-200)

Trades must be with established members with trading history, any paypal transaction must be with member with paypal verified. Open to local (west of Boston) deals in person. Will also do money order or other non-paypal payment, if you are OK for waiting for the payment to clear.

(btw -- still selling a 14-42 mk ii kit lens if you are interested: https://www.photographerslounge.org/f27/olympus-kit-lens-14-42-ii-black-5070/)
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