Micro 4/3 Olympus OM-D E-M5 Firmware Update v1.5


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Dec 24, 2010
Brisbane, Australia
After the now-you-see-it-now-you-don't v1.2 firmware for the E-M5, there is a version 1.5 available. If you have firmware v1.0 or v1.1 you need to update to v1.3 first before updating to v1.5. I think that for anyone who successfully updated to v1.2 previously they need to go to v1.4 then v1.5. The two headline features are the enabling of IBIS during video for adapted lenses, and a big reduction in the "hum" that the IBIS makes during normal operation. The old, louder hum now only occurs when the shutter is half-pressed.

From the Olympus Imaging Australia webpage:

E-M5 Firmware Update

The update service to version 1.2, that had been temporarily discontinued, has been resumed as version 1.5.
(Oct. 2, 2012)
Operating sounds in the photo ready mode were decreased.
Use of the Image stabilizer function by setting the Focal length of an OM lens attached with an adapter was enabled even in Movie mode.
All updates up to version 1.2 are included.
(Oct. 2, 2012)
Update functions for firmware version 1.2 have been modified. Camera functions are the same as version 1.2. After updating to ver. 1.4, please update the camera to ver. 1.5.
(Oct. 2, 2012)
Update functions for firmware prior to version 1.1 have been modified. Camera functions are the same as version 1.1. After updating to ver. 1.3, please update the camera to ver. 1.5.
(Jul. 12, 2012)
Improved sleep recovery operation.
AF target is indicated when using C-AF+TR while shooting sequential images using Sequential L.
Added function to automatically move zoom to the following zoom positions when underwater macro mode or underwater wide mode is selected.
(Only when M. ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-50 mm F3.5-6.3 EZ is attached)
- Underwater wide mode: Wide setting
- Underwater macro mode: Telephoto setting
(Apr. 18, 2012)
Issue of updates stopping while updating firmware has been resolved.
Image stabilizer function when using the following lenses has been modified.
- ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 8mm F3.5 Fisheye
- ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 18-180mm F3.5-6.3


Sep 26, 2011
Minnesota USA
Kyle Krug
I did the update to 1.2 during the window it was available. Not sure why I did it since v1.0 was working okay for me. I still don't get how the bricking happens. I originally understood from the PEN upgrade process that the firmware is downloaded to the tethered PC and, then when completed downloaded from the internet, it is pushed to the camera body. The only problem there was if your USB was disconnected (or USB hub failed, etc.) while the firmware was upgraded on the body.

The bricking that I read about on a couple OM-Ds seemed to indicate that the body upgrade process began before the file was 100% downloaded from the internet, so an interruption in service could cause an issue?


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Dec 24, 2010
Brisbane, Australia
Also, I believe that the update will fail if your internet connection drops out during the download. I think that the download should occur independently of the actual camera firmware update.

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