Micro 4/3 Olympus OM-D E-M5 Firmware Update


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Olympus just threw a bone to E-M5 owners with a firmware update that finally allows selection of the smallest focus point box whilst still retaining the direct function button access on the four way controller and still allows use of the level, histogram, or highlight blinkies. This has been available in every camera that came after the E-M5. It also enables an ISO "Low" setting that produces a pulled ISO 200 image, resulting in less noise at the expense of highlight dynamic range.

No link to a download page since Olympus firmware updates are all done through their Camera Updater software.


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This update made a lot of folks happy just as a lot of new stuff became available. To some extent, Olympus wants you to use your money for lenses because that's the real investment in the system. Otherwise, that new Fuji can look really nice.

That 25 is calling my name right now. The 45 is bit long but it sits on the camera because it's so good. I want the 25 version.


Wow now that would be nice Serhan.... I guess since the EM5 has sold quite well Olympus is more aware that they have a sizeable user base; also perhaps they are more aware that Fuji is a major competitor in this market and Fuji are leading the way in firmware based improvements.

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