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Completed Olympus OMD E-M5 with 12-50 and accesory grip

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Milwaukee, WI USA
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I've had the camera for a couple days shy of a month, and most days it sits idle while I grab for my Fuji X100. The Olympus is a ton of camera, but I don't shoot enough (or have enough money) to justify keeping it.

It is black. It is like new in every way. When you really look it over in good light, you will not see even a scuff. I also have the grip (which is essential in my opinion). Also included is an aftermarket charger with 2 aftermarket batteries. The bar codes are missing from the boxes since I also bought a flash and sent away for the rebate, but other than that, everything is included and everything is immaculate.

I will include copies of the receipts and blank warranty cards so you can send them in and everything is cool. I've almost exactly $1,700 into everything with taxes. I'm looking to get $1,450 net to me. I'll add photos later today as time permits, but basically it just looks like a brand new camera.


Sunny Frimley
Hmm, I just sold mine on Amazon rather rashly I feel. I'm missing it already and eyeing up another. There's an offer for a two part case included this month in the UK. Might get the kit lens this time.
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