Micro 4/3 Olympus PEN E-P5 has arrived (officially)


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Aug 7, 2011
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WAY too overprices. Should be about $700 body to fit the lineup.

This gives me no GAS. That's a lot of money for a camera that can't use a viewfinder and a flash at the same time.
Yup. And the E-P5, packaged with 17mm f/1.8 prime and VF-4 viewfinder, is $50 more than a Fuji X-E1 with APS-C sensor, built-in high-res EVF and highly regarded 18-55mm f/2.8-4.0 OIS zoom. I'm not saying I'm looking at the Fuji. For anyone heavily invested in micro four thirds, it's probably no contest. But a lot of people in the market for a high-quality rangefinder-style camera might notice.


Jul 28, 2012
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The 25mm 1.4 needs one....as does the Oly 45mm. And the one for the Oly 75mm is expensive.....it's a big one.
I agree it will be helpful, but for myself when I need an ND filter it's more than one stop...flowing water in daylight or DoF shots in peak sunlight. I agree good ND filters are dang expensive. I'm glad it will save you some coin. :)


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Jul 11, 2010
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I rather like the new promotional video they shot for the E-P5:


I think they shot this with the E-P5, too.

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