Film Olympus Stylus Epic

My XA2 bit the dust, but I kind of enjoyed the point and shoot experience, and I remembered my old Stylus Epic Zoom 80. I know this went under other names in other parts of the world,
mostly starting with Mju. I was given this camera many years ago, but never really bonded with it, but it was time to give it another chance. Loaded an old roll of Tri-X, just wandered around shooting randomly and really enjoyed myself. Unfortunately, however, reality struck:

Light Leaks!


Interesting, no problem with flash, but a faint image of the time stamp in the lower right. It wasn't turned on.

All shots developed in D76 1+1.

Oh well, I have a Canon Sure Shot 700 coming my way ($14, free shipping!). Looking forward to more P&S fun.


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