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Expired Olympus VF-1, Fujian 35mm, Canon Rebel XSi kit (LOTS OF EXTRAS!)

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I need to clear out some stuff, before my various aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and godchildren line up on my door for Christmas. (Filipinos in the forum will not be surprised by this. :))

Up for sale are the following (all prices Paypalled and shipped), and all are in mint condition, except otherwise stated.

1. Olympus 17mm, black. SOLD.
(Sorry shaky hands)

2. Olympus VF-1. Minor scratch outside, otherwise it is in very good condition. $50.
(You can scree the sratch if you zoom at the upper mid-right section.

3. 35mm f/1.7 C-mount Lens + :43: adapter + Micro Ring. $40

4. Olympus 14-42 Mk1 + Tiffen CPL (40.5mm). SOLD

5. Olympus E-PL1, one-year-old-ish (bought sometime October 2010), blue, comes in original box. SOLD
- includes 1 extra after-market battery
- also includes brown leather body cover + strap. The leather cover is 2 parts - one that attaches to the body, and the other that covers the lens. The lens part is sized for the 14-42 kit lens.

6. Canon Rebel XSi kit. $550, and this includes:
- Battery + Charger
- Kit lens, Canon 18-55 EFS IS with front and back lens cap
- Collapsible hood + Tiffen Sky 1A for the kit lens
- Canon 50mm f/1.8 with front and back lens cap
- Sigma DC 55-200 f/4-5.6 with front and back lens cap
- 2-ft. remote cable release
- Wireless remote

I'll consider trading some sort of combination from the above items for a:
- Panasonic 14mm
- Panasonic 14-140
- Panasonic DG 25mm (Might as well put it here, right? :))
- Maybe an XZ-1

PM me for inquiries and requests for images. Will ship internationally, but buyer assumes shipping and any applicable customs fee.

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