Micro 4/3 OM-1


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When my wife was killed in a tragic accident in September, I shelved her OM-1, the HLD-10, the box with all supplied accessories with the intent to sell it. Well, it has sat here for almost 10 months and I have decided to do a little reading of the online manual and also play with the menus and found that I might really like some of the features even though most will be far over my head. I will sell my two OMD-EM 1 ii cameras and one grip. I know that I have too many expensive toys now with an EM-1X and OM-1 but I seem to not be able to sell her camera she used for light painting only. It has a 7K shutter count and is in mint condition so I will try to learn the details and use it more. Not a lot, but just a little. I think she would like to see me using it.
I have already taken over all of her lenses so I have too many now but that is better than not enough. I will also keep my Fujifilm XT2 with its 4 lenses and my trusty and wonderful Nikon D2x with all of it's stuff. I still will keep an EM-5ii to play with in the city so until I change my mind, this is my decision. :)
That's probably a wise decision Mel. You can't have too much of a good thing!
FWIW, I had the original OM-1 in the early 1980s, it used something called film. But I liked it nonetheless, and I eventually traded it in for a Minolta, I think.