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Expired OM 100mm 2.8 compact telephoto

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Olympus OM 100mm 2.8: Lens is in mint condition. Original caps, original rubber hood, original leather case. Asking $150.

Must be paypal verified, with good buy/sell history and use regular paypal (not gift). Shipping and paypal included in prices above.

May consider shipping international (if I can figure out how to do it).

PLEASE PM or EM if interested.



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Kiev, Ukraine
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Just a note of support: this is a great lens, sharper than the well-regarded Canon FDn 100mm f/2.8 and with better bokeh, too!

$150 is a very fair asking price for this lens.


That is a fantastic lens and worth every penny. If I didn't already have one I'd snap it up.


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Someone asked me to shoot some sample shots for a possible sale. After shooting them, I've decided I'd be an idiot to let this lens go for this low, so I'm withdrawing the sale.
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