Micro 4/3 OM-D Dynamic Range vs E-P3 @ Petta Potka


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Ya, me too. It's DR at low ISO where M43 suffers for some of my shooting. If this holds up, it's good news. The OM-D is nicely specified. I don't like the DSLR shape, and prefer not having to look at a screen to see my settings, but it's the final output that will decide me.

In my shopping it's up against the Nex 7 and the new Fuji.


The main reason which made me sell the EP3 was the limiting DR, "miles" away from what good aps-c sensors (X100) offer. So if the OM-D is really 2 stops better......:clap2:


Olympus mentioned about 33% (as far as I remember) at low ISO, which is just a third stop. If it is the sensor of the G3 (or an improved version of it), which I expect it to be, then this is quite reasonable.


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Why didn't I think of that? It's the Armanius solution!

Phew. great weight lifted. :cool:

LOL!! I actually canceled all my preorders for OMD and XP1. Although the local camera shop still has $50 of mine that is being held for a NEX7, if they ever become available here.

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