Micro 4/3 OM-D startup time?


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Hi folks,

Last night I got the OM-D and the Sigma 30mm lens, but it takes a darn long time to start. It's about three seconds before it is ready to take a photo! Is this normal? Is there an issue with the Sigma lenses, or might there be an issue with my camera? This is my first m43 body and I don't have any other lenses to compare.



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The Sigma lenses are known to have an extended startup time, although I'm not sure why that is or how long it should be. The native lenses don't have the same issue, although startup time is still not fast compared to a DSLR.


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I asked this question in DPReview and was surprised to see that it was not lost in the morass of other posts. It does seem that the Sigma lenses start more slowly, which is kind of unfortunate. Once they are active, though, they are very fast to focus and change aperture setting. The AF is also extremely quiet, probably silent, which makes them suitable for video work.

I'm amazed at how well the IBIS works in the OM-D, and how this, coupled with being able to focus manually or with the AFL function, means that you can hand hold video that is very solid. It might not have quite the image quality of other cameras that I use, but it is certainly one of the fastest to operate, and feels good, especially with the grip accessories.