Omega Seamaster Watches


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Aug 25, 2010
S W France

any of you guys (and gals) into watch collecting

I am looking to buy a used Omega Seamaster Auto (non quartz and non battery) Watch

maybe the Agua Terra - to wear not to collect

Any advice that you can give me will be appreciated


Oct 20, 2010
Hi Bill,

the only Omega watch is a square hammer-automatic from around 1954. A friend of my father gave me the watch as a gift when I was 15. Rinding with the bike to school 'hammered' the Omega too much. Decades later a friend of mine, working in one of the best shops for fine watches repaired it.
Since more than 35 years there is just only one maker for me which is the cheapest in the long run: Rolex......

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