On lens macro reproduction ratios


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A Lens's maximum reproduction ratio is one thing that is easily measured and somewhat easily understood, yet many mix sensor crop factors in! Why, WHY?! :confused-95:

A 1:1 reproduction makes a half-an-inch ant measure exactly 1/2 inches after the picture goes through the lens to the image plane. Why exactly would this fact change depending on what lens and what sensor or film was used!

Tangenting a separate but very much related issue, crop sensors are more practical with many people's macro needs. I don't think in reproduction rates just like that. I like to get everyday small things as large as they fit on the sensor. Say I'm happy to capture a 6-by-4 postcard filling the entire image sensor. In FF system I need a lens that can do 1:4 reproductions. In M4/3 system I only need a lens that achieves 1:8.

Following this it is easy to understand why people make the mistake of mixing things up but I think it's unforgivable to make "science" out of it, trying to falsely justify scientific measurements with poor arguments.

Photography is full of these sorts of things. Grinds my gears a bit :)

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