On or off camera lighting and things

Glow 42" collapsible beauty dish to the left of subject
Glow 34" collapsible beauty dish camera right feathering
Inspirational cancer survivor who never stopped training through his entire battle with cancer in front of seamless black paper
@Bobby Tingle
How large/small is your studio space?
Please describe your backdrops
Apollo T.
It depends on where I am working. When we do the portraits of the musicians. It’s usually done at bar which focuses on live music ran by a friend of mine. The area I shoot in there has a stage, a bar, and large area to work in.

My other portraits are done in home. Either mine, at a friend’s who uses his apartment as a small studio, or in the person’s home. The working space averages 7’x8’. Sometimes smaller, other times a little larger. You don’t need a large space to shoot portraits.

I use backdrops made by Kate Backdrops. They are either 5x7 or 8x8. I also use a V Flat as a backdrop quite often. With a V Flat you can work in a really small space if needed. And occasionally I will use seamless paper backdrops.

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