Travel On the Road - Shots from the Car

I have found that I really enjoy grabbing shots from inside the car, often while moving. Looking back on a lot of shots I have made, I think I used to be disappointed when viewing my car "grab shots" out the window later on, and seeing the inevitable motion blur, blurry bug splatter, or whatever else. But I've come around to seeing that as a genre of its own. So, why not post some car window shots? Operator beware: driving a car and shooting a photo is, of course, a recipe for disaster and could get you a ticket. I've found setting my GR IIIx to a fast shutter speed and a small enough aperture, auto ISO and snap focus set to infinity allows me to point and shoot without looking. The 40mm field of view really does well out a window, it's just right for getting a scene from the perspective of a car. Or, be much more practical and mature and stick to shooting when you're the passenger. Which is what I always do. Forget anything I said before this point.

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Willamette Valley, Oregon.