Fuji On the street with the F550EXR

Well... more or less on the street. People were on the street, I was in my car, passing by. These shots were all rather hurried. I had the camera at the ready and put into place a genuine point and shoot situation. I saw, I pointed, I shot. I could not actually look at the first lot... I saw the pink hair and that was enough for me to try to capture these bright beauties. The men at work (or not... as other Aussies will understand) I was able to kind of focus on, and for the bus, I was stopped at traffic lights.

I have been ignoring the little F550 but am finding it really good for quick shots.

1) Bright Beauties. I included the colour because of the hair.. but I think the monochrome is more forgiving of the shot itself.



2) Men at work: One doing something, everyone else standing about or supervising.

3) Bus and Driver: I used SEP3 for all three, but in this one, it enabled the driver to be visible. He was not, really, in the original.

Its not exactly "street photography" but its out there, hence the thread title, with apologies to the real street guys amongst us :)