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On1 and Capture 1

Although I have about got my problems with Capture1 sorted out I picked up On1 RAW 2019 along the way. I must say ON1 is more user friendly , converts Fuji RAW files just as good as Capture1 and has a catalog system. It works as a plugin for PS CC and so far will round trip to Luminar and back if that's important to anyone. Capture 1 plays nice with multiple programs and converts RAW files very well. Capture one Fuji Pro is very feature rich so hence for me a steeper learning curve. I will more than likely have 500+ images from Sebring 12 Hrs in March so both will get a workout.I will have a better bead on the one I will use. Right now I use On1 out of PS CC almost exclusively. I skip Lightroom all together, even with the new update.

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